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Here at Rocket Media, we work with a range of different companies in different sectors and have a strong track record of delivering results for companies in various different industries.

The basic building blocks of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are always the same and by using these solid foundations, you can always create an effective strategy that will allow any business to improve its online rankings.

Quick Respond Security (QRS) is a security company based in Gateshead and trading since 2012. Despite having nearly a decades’ worth of experience within the security field, they were still finding that they were ranking well behind other companies who were relative new comers to the security business.

Not only that, many of those with a better digital footprint were much smaller companies whose service was certainly not on par with what QRS offered.

We undertook this project with the understanding that it would initially be an intense 3-month project and thus we developed a strategy that involved an intensive approach in order to get the maximum results possible in such a short time.

We got to work straight away and filled the website with some high quality content related to the security industry. The aim was to show the world (as well as Google) that we were the ultimate experts in security and thus we created specific articles for different areas within the scope of services that the company offered.

This included things such as Manned Guarding services, Alarm Response as well as CCTV Installation.

We then focussed on targetting specific keywords and this involved a lot of research through SemRush tool as well as Seo Moz. We were thus able to identify specific services that we were able to rank for very quickly as well as locations where the competition was a lot less intense.

By focussing on these low-hanging fruits, we were quickly able to increase the amount of Inbound leads coming through the website and by the end of the 3-month period, the company saw a 400% increase in the amount of Inbound traffic.