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QRS – A Case Study


Quick Response Security (QRS) provides security services throughout the UK with a focus on the North East region.

The company has been trading since 2010 and have a strong track record within the security sector. However, the company lacked an online presence, and were being overtaken by numerous newcomers who had utilised Digital Media to become bigger than QRS, despite only being recent entrants to the industry.

Through various SEO techniques, Rocket Media were able to dramatically increase the number of Inbound Leads, and brought in 10+ clients a month for QRS.

The company saw a 400 % increase within 3 months through
Rocket Media’s intense SEO strategy.

Content Is King

The key to any successful SEO strategy is high quality content, and this is one area where we focused our attention on strongly initially. Despite QRS being in the security game for nearly a decade, this experience was not reflected by their online presence, hence why companies that started up very recently were ranking higher.

Our content strategy focused on targeting specific locations throughout the North East where the target was to rank number 1 for security-related searches in this area.

After conducting research into the industry in the region, unique content was written targeting prominent locations such as Newcastle, Gateshead, Sunderland, North Shields, South Shields, Cramlington, thereby increasing the likelihood of the company ranking at the top of Google for location relevant keywords.


Keyword research

A significant amount of time went into looking for Google keywords to target, ones that would bring in the most amount of relevant traffic and that were easier (had lesser competition) than other keywords.

This strategy of initially targeting the low-hanging fruits proved fruitful (no pun intended!) as we quadrupled the amount of organic traffic to the website within the first 3 months.

High quality links to the website

The final major strategy we implemented was getting high quality online publications to link to the QRS website.
This is a proven and Google-approved tactic for increasing a website’s ranking on searches and we focused intensely on getting relevant links from security-related websites to help boost QRS’s “Online Score” in the eyes of Google.

Numerous guest publications as well as PR Releases quickly led to an increase in the amount of websites linking back to  QRS ‘s website which pushed up visibility on Google searches.



Through an intense 3-month SEO strategy, QRS was able to bring in 100’s of leads over the next 12 months which led to the long-term health of the company. The strategy we utilized is internally known as the “Blitzkreig” and involves an intense effort throughout the 3 months to get the maximum results in the shortest time possible.

Most SEO experts will advise that it can take 6 months for SE-efforts to bring results, however, with our strategy we can guarantee results within a 3-month period.


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